Health Tourism

is one of the oldest forms of tourist movements

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Our core operations include organising business as well health related trips

MKT PLUS has had a market presence since 2015.
We direct our services to Polish and foreign companies.

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In tailoring our services to your requirements, we fully understand that the TOURIST wants to recharge their batteries and rest.

Fast and professional

Within the scope of providing health promoting services, it analyses foreign markets quickly and professionally.

Modern complexes

Centres and clinics are a part of modern resorts with high standards and innovative equipment to visitors.

The phrase wellness tourism appears increasingly often in contemporary categorisations of tourism movements.

This is due to the fact, that apart from traditional health tourism, wellness and spa type facilities are becoming ever more popular. Wellness and spa tourism is growing at a significant rate. This is happening for a number of reasons. Apart from improvements to the population’s standard of living, social awareness is also on the rise, as well as attention to health, well-being and the so called cult of youth. The newly emerged wellness and spa tourism caters for these needs by delivering an innovative spa product. Its growing popularity is also associated with more intensive lifestyles, which generate stress, psychophysical fatigue and the burnout syndrome.

As a rule, stays at wellness and spa type facilities are associated with regenerating psychophysical vigour and vitality. Across the entire world, from Asia to Europe, Africa and North America, awareness is growing when it comes to nutrition, exercising, the perception of nature, massages or yoga. Europe, with over 32 thousand spa facilities generated revenues of more than 40 billion USD; for the Asia and Pacific region this figure stands at 18.8 billion USD and 18.3 billion USD for North America. However, wellness tourism generates the biggest revenues: more than 600 billion USD.

Health tourism

Which might also be defined as spa vacations, where natural resources such as water or the climate are used for regenerative ends. In literature the term wellness tourism is also sometimes understood as health tourism to spas.

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Business tourism

This entails corporate and incentive travel, which in most cases constitute bonuses for performance at work or aim to motivate employees to make an even greater effort at work. Well-developed accommodation as well as food and drink facilities, increasingly better transport infrastructure and airports together with a plethora of auxiliary services all combine to make Poland an attractive destination.

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Recreational tourism

Which primarily caters for those seeking recreation and leisure. Which form will be best suited depends on the individual tourist. The choices made by customers are closely linked with their interests, financial capacity and age. Recreational tourism is generally understood to take place away from large urban centres. Within this scope Poland is a treasure trove of ideal vacation destinations, be it by the seaside, in the mountains or in lake regions.

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Spa & wellness tourism

Constitutes travel for the purpose of promoting health and well-being. Here Poland's rapidly developing modern infrastructure, centres and clinics boast high quality facilities and services. Most of these deliver high standards and innovative equipment to visitors. Centres and clinics are a part of modern resorts.

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A reliable and competent partner that offers customers high quality services. We are very pleased with the cooperation that went quickly and efficiently.

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MKT PLUS TERESZKO Sp. J. realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich Wzrost konkurencyjności firmy MKT PLUS TERESZKO Spółka Jawna poprzed udział w Programie branży usług prozdrowotnych.

Celem projektu jest promowanie marki produktowej firmy, która ma szansę stać się marką rozpoznawalną na rynkach zagranicznych oraz promowanie Marki Polskiej Gospodarki.

Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 379 525.00 PLN