Health tourism


The distinguishing traits of these services include top quality specialist consultations based on custom selected, highly qualified medical staff, individual sessions with therapists, comprehensive organisation of stays for health resort visitors from abroad, broad skill-sets combining medical specialisation such as physiotherapy, professional services for patients with predominantly tourist or foreign language requirements

A tailored, bespoke service provided with meticulous attention quality and detail to ensure the needs of each and every patient are catered for. Non-invasive spine treatment – a method rarely offered by the competition. We have access to experienced staff comprising a large body of highly qualified doctors with extensive track records.

To provide our services we use modern diagnostic devices to carry out non-invasive, three dimensional and digital spine reconstructions in static and dynamic conditions as well as gait pattern analysis. This test is quick and safe (without X-ray radiation).

Rest tourism with spa & wellness


We can also arrange 2-3 day stays at a SPA – which include accommodation, board, a pool with a hydro-massage and an anti-current system, jacuzzi, dry and steam sauna, Nordic Walking with an instructor, face and body cosmetic treatments as well as a wide range of SPA packages which will leave you rested and relaxed. Relaxation, moisturisation and firming, for couples, singles, for 50+ ladies, all tailored to your needs – something for everyone.

MKT PLUS specialises in the provision of bespoke services, ideally suited to your individual needs. Top quality of available packages, various well-being and medical services and a competitive price which may include the following:


sleep therapy treatments

programmes based on achievements and experience of energy medicine

relaxation techniques

thorough rest and inner peace

The best tried and tested methods for dealing with stress and eliminating its negative consequences. We adhere to the ecological policies of a given facility and seek out spas which do not stop short at recycling and serving organic food.

Respect towards another person through respect for nature is key. The guiding principle of eco-friendly facilities is that common health is the starting point for a healthy individual – this belief also encompasses spa products (made solely from organic ingredients), washing dishes (vinegar instead of washing-up liquid), interior lighting (solar panels and energy saving light bulbs), etc.

The price can be adjusted to match the tourist’s wallet.

Take advantage of forest bathing or immersion in a woodland environment – innovative forms of recreation. It has been confirmed that “immersing” in a forest environment delivers positive health effects, improves well-being and the physiology of our bodies. It reduces anxiety and helps with depression. This mainly entails walking in a forest, and here we highly recommend areas in Warmia-Mazury, where inhaling volatile aromatic substances emitted by trees and other forest vegetation improves our bodies’ immunity to illnesses. These compounds, known as phytoncides, exhibit strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Resorts with principles – we are seeing increasing demand for wellness and spa services, which encourage guests to change their everyday habits by insisting on quite rigorous principles during their stay. Facilities which purposefully do not have an alcohol menu or one which is severely restricted upon a clear request by the guests, facilities where smoking is prohibited, where getting out of bed early in the mornings is encouraged together with wading in cold water or morning jogging as elements of the therapy are gaining customer trust.

Nordic Walking is a wonderful form of movement, which almost anyone can practice. The United States is the birthplace of this discipline – promoted by our company, it is excellent at improving cardiovascular system efficiency and motor coordination. More calories are burnt than when simply walking without poles (a greater number of active muscles require more energy). Pomerania (Pomorze) and the Warmia-Mazury area are excellent venues for walking with poles.

Rested clients
SPA centers in Europe

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