By the seaside and the lakeside

Thalassotherapy uses the maritime climate, seawater and other substances found in the marine environment. Seaside recreation – until recently solely associated with the summer season – is increasingly more often seen as predominantly therapeutic and accessible all year round. Seaside sanatoria as well as health and recreation resorts are systematically expanding their facilities by health promoting use of the gifts of nature at hand. Regaining physical fitness and psychological balance through activity based therapy at spas along the Baltic coast is a brand new experience for many. Contraindications for seaside health and recreation stays are few and far between. Nonetheless, it might be worth consulting your doctor on whether powerful climatic stimuli in the coastal zone will be beneficial for your health.

In the mountains

Alongside coastal regions, mountains are the most importation tourist areas. Their attractiveness is associated with a plethora of natural and cultural resources, which comprise: landscape diversity, prevalence of forests, altitudinal vegetation zonation, climatic diversity, clean rivers and streams etc. as well as ubiquity of traditional folk culture. Often, tourist mountain trails run along ridges and climb summits, which offer unparalleled views. National parks are best discovered on foot, which is the primary form of tourism in those areas. Apart from that, ski tourism is the most popular form of tourism in the mountains. Poland can boast large resources of therapeutic natural resources. 43 spas operate on their basis. Here acidic waters as well as brines dominate. Today, the following may be considered to be mountain region spas of international significance: Krynica, Kudowa, Polanica and Lądek. Amongst Carpathian spas, the following see the largest numbers of visitors: Krynica, Ustroń, Iwonicz and Rabka.

Central Poland

Ciechocinek with its historic and unique graduation towers is the undeniable champion. Many health tourists also visit Inowrocław, Wieniec and Konstancin, which lies right on Warsaw’s doorstep.


This region’s spa traditions go back a long way. Nałęczów is the most famous and the most romantic. A region associated with visits by the Polish elites of the inter-war period – Żeromski, Prus, Leśmian, Kuncewiczowa and Iwaszkiewicz. The newest Polish spa in Krasnobród is also found in Lubelszczyzna. Janów Podlaski is home to the most beautiful stud farm in Poland.


A number of interesting wellness facilities are to be found here. Spas around Kraków mostly use the beneficial properties of salts (for bathing and inhaling). Underground treatments are available in Wieliczka – there are only a few spas around the world where such treatments can be taken advantage of.

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